Thursday, April 27, 2006

Soccer Politics

I have to get this off my chest. I really want to scream and have a tantrum about it. I want to go off and slap someone...verbally slap, I should clarify.

My Son plays soccer for a club. He is on the "B" Team because we didn't want the commitment to play on a Premier Team. For a lot of reasons. So, I was excited when my Son made the "B" Team because he would develop better skills, play on a higher level than recreation soccer and it would be a way for him to meet other kids that he would be entering JR. High & High School with....or so I thought.

But, I haven't seen the Coach teach the kids skills yet. His whole theory is "I want these kids to have fun"...well, how fun is it to lose every game? How fun is it to get beat everytime on the field because they don't have the skills? And how fun is it to know that the Premier Teams laughs at you at school. Well, not very fun in my mind or my Son's. How do you approach a the Coach who always plays the marytr?

So, here is my BIG problem with all of it. One, my Son is a good player but isn't happy because the Coach always sticks him on defense because he is the only one who can defend the goal or keep up with the other team's offense. Secondly, I was told by the Coach that my Son would have to try-out again because if there were 8 other players that were better he would replace kids on the Team. And I thought...What?.. What does that really mean? Only 8? Why not 16? You want to know why? Because the Coach's son and his buddies get to stay on the team. (mind you some of them are the WORST players on the team.) NICE!! Talk about Politics. So, since my Son goes to a different school and isn't a part of the "Boys Club" he isn't guaranteed a spot on the team.

So, I am complaining and I should just have my Son try out for another team. But, it isn't that simple. At this level of play, it is hard to get one a new one knows your kid, you have to develop relationships, you have to overcome parent politics and you come out of pocket for a lot more since you aren't a part of the club upfront. And lastly, the Club which, my son is involved with feeds into the Jr High and High School Teams that my Son will be going to soon. And who generally gets on the Team? OUR CLUB!

So, I am not good at politics. I have found that out. Why? I am too emotional and afraid I would go off and verbally beat someone up which isn't the smooth talking politician one needs to be to get elected!!

So, that is why I am here on my blog instead...having a tantrum of my own and to myself. Do I feel better? HELL NO!


MagicalSis said...

Damn that does sound like a bunch of shit to deal with.
Soccer politics....mmmm....what next?
You're doing very well not bitching someone out.

Well...the way you wrote about it was very clear and succinct...can you give a copy to the newspaper???

Thinking 'bout you and your son, A.
How old is he...mine is 10.

Angela said...

My son is 12. He is going into Jr. High in the Fall.