Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The World Cup

So this is my first World Cup! I have been getting up early to watch the matches I can before work. I love it! I wish I was in the stands in Germany! You can hear the cry of the fans throughout the whole game...there is definitely electricity in the air. My favorites so far are the Netherlands, Mexico and Austrailia! The U.S. Team just don't have it together...they seem nervous and out of sync with one another. I was having a fit over the plays...but that is because I wanted them to win...but to be fair...I am waiting to watch Germany, England & Brazil...Go Teams Go!


MagicalSis said...

you are tagged for an assignment. please go see my blog.

Paradisaeidae said...

You should support Portugal (my country and also a good candidate to win the world cup). :P

Delaleuverses said...

I wish I was there too, my girlfriend and her friends are in Germany right now, she called me and said she is having a bal. I'm jealous.

Angela said...

I am jealous, too! I love being in a crowd..cheering on my favorite teams!