Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Enjoying All the Moments I Had

It is amazing how a vacation can renew your spirit, your life, your attitude and your happiness. I had been looking forward to this vacation. Since my Father died in October, I have not truly relaxed and let go of the stress. I held it close to me. So, it was and is wonderful to have spent my time enjoying all the moments I had.

I contribute it to the time I spent every morning on the dock with a cup of tea just looking out at the lake, feeling the water on my toes, the birds soaring, the fish jumping and the soft wind through the pines. I let it soak down deep inside of me until no thoughts of a my Father's death, school, children or work had any place in my mind. I felt peace that I had ached so long for.

I contribute it to the time I spent walking the 5 mile loop through the woods and by lake each day. The sweat, the aching muscles and the rhythm of my breathing pushing the built up toxins both physical & emotional out of my body. I felt healthy and strong.

I contribute the sun & water to my happiness. I spent long days on the dock, in the water and on the boat. There is nothing better than lounging on a raft in the water, jumping waves created by a boat's wake on a waverunner or dropping a waterski for the first time. My skin now glows bronze as if I had received a gift from the Sun Gods.

I contribute the happy countenance of my children. We laughed, we swam to the point almost every day, we made hemp necklaces with colorful beads, we watched and agonized over the World Cup...hoping Germany would win but glad that Italy did in the end. We screamed as loud as we could on the roller coaster rides at Six Flags and laid under a Georgia sky and watched the beautiful fireworks on the 4th of July knowing that we were lucky to live in America and grateful to be together.

May the peace, the happiness, the laughs, the bikini lines and family keep me full for a long time.


the goddess unknown said...

what a beautifully written post. it made me smile. thanks :)

Delaleuverses said...

I agree with Goddess, this is an awesome post, such positive energy is felt and I like the fact that you mentioned the sun and water as part of your happiness.

Xavier said...

Beautiful post. [sigh] I wish I could go on vacation.