Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gratitude List

1. My Hairdresser, who makes my hair lovely again.

2. To be able to serve Others.

3. My Mom, who loves me no matter what.

4. The ability to forgive.

5. The ability to love after hate.

6. The wind in the trees.

7. 3-Day Weekends

8. Cute little babies & toddlers...for their absolute pureness & beauty.

9. My lawn in the Fall.

10. Monkeys in Trees.


Xavier said...

I love gratitude lists! I as many as possible because I learn so much. When I'm down I raid the lists of others and I'm inspired, I smile, I look to heaven and say thank you.

And now I look to you and say thanks for the smile. :-)

magical said...

OK~~~ A. this list totally ROCKS, you came up with the best stuff.
Forgiveness, wind, monkies, and love, Wow. What more do we need?