Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday's Thoughts

I love this time of Year. Christmas is a time of rejoicing, giving and being thankful.

A friend of mine told me that last week when it got really, really cold here for the first time that the homeless shelter had an extra 800 people show up that night. It left me feeling amazed and sad. It once again reminded me of how blessed that I am to have a warm home, a warm coat and a warm meal every night.

It inspired me to make a decision, I am making fleece blankets and taking them to the homeless shelter. I know that it isn't much. But, imagine if everyone did something small...it would end up being something really big.

So, I challenge anyone, to do something for someone else. Maybe it is just putting a couple of bucks in the Salvation Army bucket or donating some food to the local food bank or even just shoveling the old widow's driveway after a storm this season.

Do it. Feel it. Embrace it.


goddess said...

this post made me feel good. it's so sweet of you to think of other people. I think I'm going to try to "pay it forward" too.

magical said...

yes...me too...i been feeling crappy lately and i now know it is because i was neglecting my service to others.

i haven't been here in a while, so glad i came back for a visit.

you have a good heart!