Wednesday, August 27, 2008

YEAH!!! The football is almost here. I have to admit that I have not been watching preseason at all. But, can't wait until the pools start and I can start making picks and watching football!! It is going to be fun. I am not such a newbie anymore so I know more of the QB,WR, DE, TE & RB will be fun.

My favorite teams:
1. San Francisco 49ers (DON'T give me grief...I know Joe, Jerry & Steve aren't around but got to give 'em some love)
2. Philadelphia Eagles - just cuz...I liked how they played at the end of the yr last yer.
3. Minnesota Vikings - I Miss Fran (LOL)
4. Seattle Seahawk - hmmmm use to live there
5. New York Giants - I like the underdog and Eli is interesting to watch
6. New Orleans Saints - Shockey
7. Dallas Cowboys - Loved since I was a kid...

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