Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It is a bright sunny day for September. I reflect on ALL the football that is coming up this weekend and season for that matter and rub my hands together in anticipation!!

I can't wait to see BYU play Tulane...and hope they haven't been reading their press. I am looking forward to how it will all really fall out in the BCS....does the Mountain West Team have a chance at a National Championship?? Dunno is too early to tell but it will be fun to watch!!

I have been looking forward to watching Tony, Big Ben, Payton Manning & Money Manning. It should be an interesting season, with Farve back again. I will miss watching Tony throw to T.O., I am interested in my 49ers...I still have hope that they will improve this year. I wanna see the Chargers goooooooo! I don't really love 'em but what the heck.

I am excited that I am going to Houston see the Houston Texans play. It will be my FIRST NFL game will be so exciting to be in that moment but for now:

Here it comes!! NFL/College Football Season!! So Happy! FOR REAL

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