Thursday, February 25, 2010

Healthcare Reform Threats! Ugh! NO WAIT...I wanna to read it first!!

What is up with Obama threatening to push a healthcare reform bill through?

"Obama strongly suggested that Democrats will try to pass a sweeping overhaul without GOP support, by using controversial Senate budget rules that would disallow filibusters. And then, he said, this fall's elections would write the verdict on who was right.".

HUH??? So, Obama is going to use some controversial rule so he can get his bill passed? And the if its' right will see it in the vote?? Does anyone believe that in six months to a year we are going to know the long term effects of this bill?

I am not here to diss the President...I just think that the American people should know more about this bill and what is in it. I don't think I am ignorant & I would like it to read like my health policy I have now. So, I can read it and compare it and actually see if it makes sense...right now I pay about $8,000 a year for medical/dental care plus copays, prescriptions ect...and if I have to pay more...ugh. And I have HEALTH INSURANCE!!! And I believe I am lucky.

Suggestions? Help?

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