Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10 Qualities in a Lover/Mate for Angela!

1. Patience: Because I am exasperating!

2. Affectionate (i.e. Likes to Kiss): I think that being open enough to share intimacies is important. Being closed off creates lots of problems behind the bedroom doors or even on the couch for that matter...

3. An Outdoors Enthusiast: That is where I find I commune with Mother Earth and myself the best. Plus, being outdoors whether it is running, gardening or hiking up a tall mountain, it does wonders for your mind, emotions and physical health...besides that I love the sun!!

4. Financially Viable: You don't have to be rich, you don't have to have a PhD but you do need to be able to balance your checkbook, not have a ton of useless debt and want to save for the future. Your own Health Insurance is always a bonus.

5. Humble: Marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful; I think that sums it up for me.

6. Sense of Humor: Yes, you got it, the ability to recognize the absurd in any situation and to accept it. Humor is the ability to not take oneself or others too seriously. Light heartedness is the essence of a joyful and creative life. A sense of mirth helps relax the mind and make it more flexible. I have a tendency of being too serious, I need a laugh and it is helpful when someone else is providing the humor for me!

7. Gracious: When I need my bottle opened, when I need my tire fixed or when I need a shoulder to cry on... that would be a good to time to be gracious enough to help me without complaining or feeling "put out".

8. Good Looking: Am I saying physically good looking? Well, sure that would super awesome but I want someone who feels good about themself inside and out. THAT is good looking to me.

9. Likes to Cook: I find it sexy. I love to watch them dice, slice and flip. It is a weakness of mine.

10. Must Absolutely Adore Me: As shallow as this may seem...I think when someone adores adore them back. Random acts of kindness happen because of being adored. It brings out the gentleness in a relationship. It brings out compromise in a fight. It brings out the best in me.


MagicalSis said...

Dang girl, that is certainly a list that describes a lover that I would want to be with. I love it in RED, too.

Next game....hmmmm...thinking....

Thankyou for playing and coming for visits. I enjoy company.

Andy said...

With a possible exception on #5 (I'm kinda cocky and I cant help it) and 1/2 credit on #8, I score well on this list :)

Angela said...

Thanks for checking this out! I am thinking 8.5 out 10 is an A by my logic!!