Friday, March 31, 2006

The Weekend

  • I hope to party like it's 1999...(by the way....did you hear that Prince painted this house he was renting in L.A. purple all over the place...crazy!)
  • I hope my Son's soccer team wins!
  • I am looking forward to getting a Pedicure...cuz my toes are a little freaky right now and I want to wear sandals since it is spring, ya know!
  • I wish I didn't have a penchant for using exclamation points it makes me seem like I am in a frenzied place all of the time!
  • I will not be blogging over the weekend because I hope to use every moment running around doing fun stuff...this is not meant that blogging isn't fun.
  • I hope that over the weekend someone will make a funny comment to my blog so I can have super smile on Monday!
  • I hope to have a clever idea to post to my blog on Monday!
  • I will miss reading the blog sites I check EVERY day!

Have a super awesome weekend and I will, too!


Weeping Angel said...

thank you for your kind words on my's nice to know good people still exist.


MagicalSis said...

happy weekend!!!
Hope you get all you wish for and more!!