Tuesday, March 21, 2006

FOLLOW UP My MTV Mentality Kid

So she left....I had to let her go. I am so super sad about that. She wanted her wings and so I did...I untied that ribbon that connected us to each other. I never thought that I would let her go like this but nothing was working. Literally, everything was unraveling. She went to her Dad's. She says that she is going to be famous one day and to watch her succeed now that she is able to breathe. (Translation: No longer near her Mom)

I love her so much. I think she is so beautiful. I think she is so smart. I will miss her so much. Isn't it something like: Set it free and it will come back to you?


MagicalSis said...

Wow, we have the same template and the words on this post could have totally come out of my mouth about 7 years ago. My heart broke into little pieces, scattering all around my tattered mind and I slowly, painfully picked them up and placed them into the hands of the Universe who loved me when my daughter couldn't.

You are not alone. Email me anytime.

Citizen Grim said...

I couldnt stand my parents (well, my mom really) until I left for college. The longer I was gone, the more I realized they weren't as bad as I thought...