Friday, March 24, 2006

I think I will SCREAM

I want to take my clothes off and slither into the hot tub and sink to the shallow bottom and sit there and scream. Once there I can watch the air bubbles zoom to the top until every last breath of air I have is gone and then lift myself up for another breath and repeat this until I feel cleansed from daily and life stresses that are relentless like a bill collector.


MagicalSis said...

this sounds like the perfect release.
when i worked in a restaurant and got stressed and pissed at customers i used to like to go into the big freezer and scream cuz nobody could hear me AND it cooled me off.

Peace, chickadee.

MagicalSis said...

please consider yourself invited/tagged to list YOUR DESIRED 10 QUALITIES OF THE PERFECT LOVER/MATE.
i am going to add you to the list of people tagged on todays post.

thankyou for coming!!!!