Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Love Her!!

This is my beautiful daughter. I love her. Here are some of the reason why I love her.

All the reasons I LOVE her!

  • She supports and loves all of the Underdogs of the World.
  • She makes really cool hemp necklaces and gives them away to friends, family and others.
  • She is an eclectic dresser. She doesn't want to be like anyone else.
  • She is very creative with her make up and cuts out pictures from magazines of people with really cool make up and tapes them up in her bathroom.
  • She likes to draw while listening to her IPod.
  • She is the best dessert chef that I know.
  • In her dreams, she goes to a Liberal Arts School.
  • In her other dreams, she goes to Culinary School.
  • She hates everything that I believe in when it comes to Politics!
  • She loves Bob Marley
  • She loves Flogging Molly
  • She loves treats whatever they maybe.
  • She loves to sleep in on the weekends.
  • She walks around in a pink fuzzy and warm robe when she doesn't want to leave the house.
  • When I ask her to, she will go and work out with me at the gym.
  • She always wants a hug and kiss before she goes to bed at night.
  • She loves being Irish and going to the St Patti's Day Parade with her Mom every year and wearing CRAZY GREEN outfits!!
  • She has a natural gift with animals. She is sweet and kind to them and they obey her like she is a Queen.
  • She thinks she knows it all...I can remember that in myself at that age and love that she has the confindence in herself to stand up for that.
  • She is nice to old people.
  • She loves to snowboard and can jump!
  • She wants to be herself but respects me enough to not pierce her body up until she is 18. (I do hope she doesn't put too many holes in her body at once!)

It is hard to watch your child grow up and be their own person. It has taken me a long time to realize that and accept it. In leaving her to make her own decisions, I am watching her grow, it is like watching a bird soar high above.

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