Friday, April 07, 2006

Six Quirks about Me

  1. I like to sing the "Oscar Mayer Bologna" song in bed on Sunday mornings using different voices. Most requested: Donny Duck aka Donald.
  2. My nickname is Monkey Momma around the house....I'll let you guess why.
  3. I have thing for clean bathrooms. I can't stand a dirty I clean mine a lot! After washing my hands in a public place, I never touch my skin to anything in the bathroom after that. I use ton of paper towels so I don't have to touch the faucet or the door handle or anything upon exiting the restroom.
  4. Socks! They either have to match my shirt or the shoes that I am wearing. I have been known to change my entire outfit over socks. And to make matters worse, I am ALWAYS losing socks so I am constantly looking for socks. But, in the summer, I do not wear socks because I only wear shoes that don't need socks.
  5. I will not leave my house unless I have mascara on.
  6. I stare at random people...I am mostly watching them but I am not very good at being subtle.... But I enjoy observing other humans, I find it fascinating and intriguing.


MagicalSis said...



I totally agree with #6, cool list!

MagicalSis said...

Ok--Angela-time for a new post.
Please, at your leisure of course!!
C'mon...dang you must be busy.