Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Six Random Things - I Love

French Country with a twist of modern.
Warm nights on the porch.
Coconut ice cream.
Beach vacations.
My Children.

What do you LOVE??


Trizzy said...

The look in his eyes when I walk in from work.
The smell of my baby girl.
Feeling him beside me.
Sand btwn my toes.
Bubble baths.

the goddess unknown said...

Josh Groban's voice
my cats (yep, I admitted it. I'm that women who loves her cats)
all my family
naps in the middle of the day
my breasts :p

MagicalSis said...

my kids.
blustery cool days.
great sex.
being a catalyst for change.
good music.
being held by a strong man.

saffron8675 said...

sleeping in late
long drives
reeses' peanut butter cups
The Fray
having a blank slate to cast my masterpiece on....