Friday, November 03, 2006 keeps going

This past week has been crazy! Lots of stress, Lots of happiness, Lots of Frustration, Lots of Rewards. So, I am glad that it is Friday and I can finally take a breath.

I am half way through physiology and glad. Only two more midterms until I am done! I have had a hard time concentrating this term, taking summer off made my brain lazy. So, it will be nice to take almost a month off until I have to take Stats which I am sure will put me over the edge...critical thinking is not my idea of fun. But, I feel good about my accomplishments anyway.

I bought a car...I found it interesting how easily they will let people walk in and drive a car off the lot. I was more concerned than them but I got a great deal and I bought a FORD!! I am proud to say that I am Ford Family Member since my Mom married a FORD Executive 20 years ago. And, I have loved my Ford cars!! I will say, I was weepy when I watched my van disappear. Lots of family road trips in that Van.

My son, Seth is trying out for ODP (Olympic Development Program) Soccer this weekend and for the next 2 weekends after that. I am sure that I will be more stressed out than him. He is taking a chance trying out since he will be on the younger side for his age group. I hope that it will excite him to be more aggressive. I am sure that I want him to make it more than he does but for the right reasons. He will get better training and play on a higher level. I have no idea if he has a chance but it will be good for his character. (I know I don't sound convincing when I say that...and you're right in thinking she wants him to make it!)

And lastly, my Daughter, I love her dearly. I have enrolled her back in High School. I hope we can make it work for her. She tries and then she doesn't. I am trying to love her and not to be critical. I am to the point where I have said to her, you know, you want to treated like an adult then you will be expected to take the responsibility and everything that goes with it then...she doesn't quite get it but I won't give up...I love her soooo much.

Cheers to the weekend and to all of you that take the time to read my blog...!!


magical said...

May your weekend be blessed as well...and be nice to my friend Angela!! She deserves it.
She works hard and is a great Mama.

goddess said...

Yeah for your son. I remember the story about getting him to try out for soccor in the first place. that makes me happy for you both. I'm crossing my fingers for your daughter and high school. And good luck with the rest of school! (I just applied for grad school and am waiting to get the acceptance letter and to hear of it is a go on the program that I want to be a part of) I may need your help with balancing work and school.

Delaleuverses said...

Your children i'm sure means a lot to you, as for a daughter starting High school it must be scary, show her support and keep the line of communication open.

Congrats on your new car :)

NWO said...

Not to worry, Statistics does not involve critical thinking. It involves surrender and acceptance.