Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gratitude List

1. Snow falling softly on the ground.
2. My Beautiful children.
3. For the wonderful taste of apples, oranges, bananas & grapes.
4. Working out every day at lunch.
5. Hot black high heel boots.
6. My new Nano IPod.
7. That it is a new Year.
8. Lots of Vacation Time.
9. My Mom & StepDad will be here on Saturday.
10. Being able to earn extra cash cleaning condos during ski season.

1 comment:

MagicalSis said...

nice list...

snow?? we had 70 degree weather today...damn.

hot black high heel boots...let us see you in them...a pic

IPod...dang you must have been good.

extra cash...yippee.

OH yes, Angela~ by the way, the last comment you left on my blog was VERY poetic...about your dad. ~excellent writing. ~big hugs