Friday, January 05, 2007

This blog was supposed to be my escape where I can say anything but I have felt less than good about what to write lately. I read other blogs that are thought-provoking words, humorous diatribes or beautiful poems...and I feel less than adequate at this thing anymore. I know in my head that I should not care what others think but it is so ingrained in me that I actually hesitate to write my true thoughts and feelings at times. I have to force myself to do it. It is stupid I know...truly. I wonder why I can't just free myself to express, to think, to dream or to want without the whisper of that voice within me that is Sister Doubt...She has lived with me for so long...I want to kick her out and be confident. I know I am smart, beautiful, kind-hearted, loving and have tons to offer. I think that it going to be my New's Resolution....TO BE ALL THAT I AM!


goddess said...

that is a great resolution. the best I've ever heard. I think honest expression how ever "good" or "bad" it may seem is what is thought provoking or inspiring. I just like to see people being real.

magical said...

Yes...your resolution is a good one. I have found that confidence has come with age. Also, a willingness to let go of "others" be and say what I want regardless of how "they" may think about me. It is scary but worth it.

You can do it and I got your back sis. I bet Goddess will too.