Thursday, February 22, 2007

Something New

I am so anxiety ridden these days. I have to do something new and it is makes me nervous. I am worried that I won't succeed.

I am to chair a General Meeting for our Soccer Club. Our President is out of town because of a family emeregency so I am next in line as the VP of Boys. So, it my responsibility to run the meeting, field questions and to actually SPEAK in front of a large group. I am afriad that I will get the UMMMS...or start sweating...I hate it!! I have faith the Lord will help me through it.

This is my theory...I am going to act as if I have done this a million times and be positive and give out vibes on I know what I am talking about. I hope it works! I wish myself the best!!

1 comment:

goddess said...

I love the method of acting like you've done it a million times. Sometimes you have to fake it on the outside to make the inside believe it.