Friday, April 27, 2007

I have been so remiss in updating my blog for a while. I have been challenged at work and haven't had a minute to update or write for a while. I feel bad about it, for myself mostly. But, I started this blog for ME anyway.

I am struggling a bit. Trying to stay on task at work, home and life. It has been difficult. I am not sure why. I am running about 14 miles a week. I am working furiously on a couple of volunteer projects. My last project was a big flop because no one really showed up...but, they missed out. It was a great presentation.

I hope my new projects do better. It is always hard to get people to volunteer. I don't know why but it is. You would think that if their children are involved they would want to be involved but they just want to give you a check and be on their way. Oh well, can't solve all the problems. I just have to do small steps...and this as the Soccer VP of Boys...well, registration and tryouts is all I can concentrate on. So, I am going to make it as awesome as possible.

Well...I gotta to run, see you in the blogdreams.

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