Friday, June 08, 2007

Soccer Blues

Well, I pulled it off. Our 1st Annual Soccer Club Registration. In my mind it was a success. I won't lie and say there weren't a few glitches. I won't down play the fact that there were many who didn't like it or just wanted it their way but I there were those who liked it and it went well. I had a lot of help from people who supported what the Club was trying to do. It was a lot of stress and I worried too much. I am glad that it is over. I don't know if we will do it next but I am glad that I tried and that it was good thing for the Club.

My son did not make the soccer team that he wanted. I was more upset than him. I walked away upset and teary eyed. It is always hard to watch your kid work for something and come up short...but that is life. I really hope he decides to go try another sport because this one is pretty much dead for him now...there is even a bigger chance that he won't make the high school team.

I also had to come to grips that my Son isn't as competitive as I am nor does he really put in that extra effort to make it to the top. He just isn't made up that way I guess. To be honest, I am not surprised he didn't make it. We kept trying to get him to practice more and go to other tryouts to help him with the one he wanted and he wasn't willing. I didn't force him this time like I did last year so that is what he got. And I am afraid that there will be many more things that he will want and not recognize that a lot of effort and hard work are needed to get to the top. But, again, it may be the age, too. So young and stubborn. I hope for the best and maybe with maturity he will understand.

So, I am starting my hiatus away from soccer for a while. I need the emotional and mental break. I got to involved and my feelings were hurt by things I really shouldn't have take personally.

I did learn a lot from this. I hope I will take the lessons and change and grow. Life's path is full of perils and excitement. I just hope that the next few turns are not sharp and very dull.


goddess said...

I'm glad to hear that you are stepping back and taking a break. I hope all is well in your world and getting better. You deserve happiness

goddess said...

how are you doing? I hope all is well. You absence has not gone unnoticed.