Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New News

Well, I have be absent for a while mostly because it has been summer and I am always running around having fun for the most part. Let's see what has been happening:

1. Trip to Florida - Yes, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea Word and a trip to Daytona beach. It was fun and exhausting! We were lucky that most of the time it was overcast with a few showers. It was hot enough and to have the sun beating down would have made it unbearable for me.

2. Week at Lake Oconee...now that was awesome. The kids all got up on waterskiis this year so we spent more time boating and skiing. I came back with a killer tan and a much need attitude adjustment.

3. Weekend weddings. Mountain weddings rule. The 2 we attended we spent the weekend up in the mountains...nature is always great and helps one decompress and hiking gets out all those ugly toxins...plus, watching people you care about share vows and see the love is always beautiful.

4. Weekend Warrior Projets. Remodeled the bedroom, new paint, blinds and bedspread. I feel like I am at a retreat each night I come home to my lovely bedroom. Lots of yard work...new strawberry patch, pumkpin patch & tomatoe garden. Still lots of work to the old house but every project brightens my mood.

5. Soccer Tournament. It was fun and lots of hard work. I got to hang out with new friends, meet new people and watch the kids play soccer. I spent all day and early evening...setting up and taking down things. It was exhausting but I think our tournament turned out well and that the teams that came will come back next summer.

6. Football. My son decided to try out for football this year. I was surprised but encouraged him to try it. He made the A-Team!!(and a winning team) He is now a football player. (He is taking Fall soccer off but hasn't thrown in his cleats yet...he'll play Spring Soccer) So my night are full with football...I am glad school started now we are down to 3 nights instead of 5-6 nights. I'll keep you posted!

7. School. I am back in school after taking 7 months off to re-center my life and concentrate on my family. I am refreshed and ready to go! I am taking an American History class & Psychology...nice change from all of the Science classes.

I could go on but time is short. I have missed reading the blogs and hearing about everyone!

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