Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long Time

It has been a long time since I blogged. I have had many things happen since I last posted.

ONE - Nominated to be President of Murray Max Soccer Club. It was definitely an honor. I hope they approve the nomination. It will be fun and good to learn more about operating a non-profit organization.

TWO - Kids are doing good. My daughter moved out after she turned 18 and is living with her father. She is learning that she has to fend for herself and be responsible. On one hand she is doing a good job but on the other...still caught up with people who are pretty much duds. My son quit soccer which is ironic now that I have been nominated for President but he has taken up Rugby. So, we will see how that goes.

THREE - Renewed effort to work out and eat healthy. I get so busy with life that I forgot to take care of myself so I have made it a priority. I am turning 40 and want to look good and feel good. Besides with the being in the public eye more...I want to be attractive...first inmpressions always are important.

FOUR - It is finally getting to be spring so I can't wait to get to get outside more and of course, the yard and gardens. I want them to look as great as possible. A secret garden in the middle of the city; a place to go and relax and see beauty all around me.

FIVE - Try to be more active with my blog. I would like to add pictures and other things so that it is interesting to everyone when they stop by.

That is it for now...

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